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In the fast-paced world of modern business, staying on top of your financial operations is crucial for success. Whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established enterprise, efficient accounting and finance management are key to driving growth and maximizing profits. But with the ever-changing landscape of technology and the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions, finding the right tools can be overwhelming, especially in industries such as Aviation. That’s where Prodigy comes into play – as experts and innovators in accounting and finance solutions native to and integrated with Salesforce, we are poised to revolutionize your financial processes. In this article, we’ll explore how Prodigy can transform your business and take your accounting and finance practices to new heights.

Lead-to-Ledger Solutions:

With Prodigy, the traditional barriers between leads and ledgers disappear. Say goodbye to disconnected data and hello to seamless integration across your entire financial ecosystem. Prodigy’s lead-to-ledger solutions streamline the flow of information, enabling you to capture and analyse critical financial data from the very first point of contact with potential customers. By automating tasks and centralizing data, you’ll eliminate manual errors and improve overall efficiency, ultimately accelerating your path to financial success.

Embracing the Cloud:

The future of accounting and finance lies in the cloud, and Prodigy is your trusted guide on this transformative journey.

Transitioning to cloud-based software has evolved from being a luxury to becoming an essential step for businesses pursuing enhanced agility and scalability. Bid farewell to data silos, embrace the accessibility of shared objects throughout the platform, and say goodbye to the need for constant downloads.
Prodigy’s use of cloud-based solutions empowers you with real-time access to financial information, making decision-making faster and more informed. Enjoy enhanced security, automatic updates, and the freedom to focus on your core business while Prodigy handles the complexities of cloud integration.

Unlocking the Power of Accounting Seed:

If you’re already using Salesforce and seeking a seamless accounting solution, Prodigy has the answer – Accounting Seed. As experts in this native Salesforce accounting application, Prodigy can help you unleash its full potential for your business. From configuring custom workflows to integrating critical data, Prodigy ensures that Accounting Seed becomes your financial engine, propelling your growth and success.

What is Accounting Seed:

Accounting Seed is a cloud-based accounting software designed to cater to the needs of businesses looking for a comprehensive and flexible accounting solution. It aims to streamline financial processes, provide real-time insights, and simplify accounting tasks for organizations of all sizes. In this review, we will delve into the features, pros, and cons of Accounting Seed and compare it to other accounting software available on the market.
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  • Full Suite of Accounting Tools: Accounting Seed offers a complete suite of accounting tools, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, and more. This makes it a one-stop solution for all your accounting needs.
  • Customizable Platform: One of the standout features of Accounting Seed is its high level of customization. It allows users to tailor the software to suit their specific business processes and industry requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.
  • Real-Time Financial Insights: The software provides real-time financial data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions promptly. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring cash flow, analysing expenses, and tracking financial health.
  • Salesforce Integration: Accounting Seed is built on the Salesforce platform, making it a powerful accounting solution for businesses already using Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM). The integration between accounting and CRM systems simplifies data sharing and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Multi-Currency Support: For businesses engaged in international transactions, Accounting Seed offers multi-currency support, allowing seamless management of foreign currencies and exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Automated Workflows: The software streamlines accounting processes through automated workflows, reducing manual data entry and minimizing the chances of errors.
  • Compliance and Security: Accounting Seed complies with industry standards and regulations, providing data security and data backup features to ensure the safety of financial information.
  • Ease of Use: Despite its feature-rich nature, Accounting Seed maintains a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users with varying levels of accounting expertise.


  • Premium Value and Features: Accounting Seed’s pricing reflects the exceptional value it offers to businesses. While it may be relatively higher than some alternatives, this investment ensures access to a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet diverse accounting needs. The advanced functionalities and deep customization options allow businesses to gain a competitive edge and optimize their financial processes for long-term success.
  • Empowering Businesses with Efficient Customization: Prodigy can tailor the platform precisely to your unique requirements. With a bit of initial effort and time investment, organizations can set up a fully optimized accounting system that aligns seamlessly with their workflows, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • Robust Salesforce Integration: Accounting Seed’s seamless integration with Salesforce is a standout benefit that enhances overall productivity. By being closely intertwined with Salesforce, businesses can experience improved data consistency, reduced data entry redundancies, and an enhanced 360-degree view of customer interactions. This robust integration creates a unified ecosystem that streamlines business operations and boosts collaboration across departments.
  • Focused Integration for Enhanced Stability: While some accounting solutions offer an extensive range of third-party integrations, Accounting Seed’s focused approach proves advantageous. By prioritizing and perfecting the Salesforce integration, businesses can experience a higher level of stability and reliability within their financial processes. This specialization ensures that the core functionalities work flawlessly together, providing a consistent and seamless user experience.

Who is using Accounting Seed for Salesforce?


EirTrade Aviation, a leader in efficient, high-quality services, partnered with Prodigy to enhance its Salesforce instance. Striving for excellence in a regulated aviation sector, EirTrade sought automation and workplace efficiencies, aligning with Prodigy’s innovative solutions to optimize their Salesforce, AvSight, and Accounting Seed installations.
Prodigy and EirTrade collaborated on a strategy, timeline, and roadmap using a Quip document within Salesforce. Prodigy’s tailored solution encompassed financial optimization, streamlined operations, enhanced customer interactions, advanced analytics, Salesforce tuning for aviation needs, and comprehensive asset management.
In respect of Accounting Seed and Finance, Prodigy delivered custom development of emails, statements, and invoices streamlined financial processes, boosting efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.
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STRADE leveraged the power of Accounting Seed, the native Salesforce accounting platform, to manage its financial operations. However, they faced significant challenges when handling large volumes of bank payments to suppliers manually, along with the complexities of the approval process behind each payment. The time spent managing high-value monthly transactions, coupled with the need for strict data security and traceability, posed critical concerns for Strade.
With Prodigy’s innovative solutions, STRADE achieved transformative results, saving valuable time and effort in managing high-volume transactions.
Raise the bar for your finance and accounting team! Do away with manual processes, and improve quality & security with an Accounting Seed implementation.

McBreen Environmental

Sinéad NicNiallaigh of McBreen Environmental explains the journey they’ve been on with Prodigy, and how they’ve used Accounting Seed to take their finance team to the next level.

Why are people moving from other providers to Accounting Seed?

  • QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online is a well-established accounting software with a vast user base. It is known for its user-friendly interface and affordability, making it an excellent choice for small businesses. However, Accounting Seed’s customizable platform and Salesforce integration give it an edge for larger enterprises with complex accounting needs.
    Read how moving from Quickbooks to Accounting Seed helped the Restaurant Association of Ireland to scale
  • Xero: Xero is another popular cloud-based accounting software known for its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. It offers robust bank reconciliation and invoicing capabilities. While Xero has a broader range of third-party integrations, Accounting Seed’s Salesforce integration may be preferred by businesses heavily invested in Salesforce for CRM.
  • NetSuite: NetSuite is a comprehensive ERP solution that includes accounting functionality. It is suitable for mid-sized and larger enterprises due to its extensive capabilities. It comes with a higher price tag and may be more complex to implement and manage compared to Accounting Seed.
  • Zapier Integration: Connect your existing accounting software to Salesforce to benefit from integrated systems. Prodigy can help you with this too.

Accounting Seed stands out as a powerful and customizable accounting solution, particularly for businesses leveraging Salesforce for their CRM needs. Its real-time reporting, multi-currency support, and automated workflows make it an asset for financial management.

Accounting Seed, with its extensive customization capabilities, and focused integration, presents a compelling suite of benefits for businesses seeking a powerful and streamlined accounting solution. The initial investment in learning and setting up the platform pays off in the long run, as companies can unleash the full potential of Accounting Seed to optimize their financial management processes and drive growth. Embracing this innovative accounting solution empowers businesses to leverage Salesforce integration effectively and propel their success to new heights.

Every business is unique, and Prodigy understands that one size does not fit all. With our expertise and innovative approach, Prodigy can customize Salesforce accounting and finance solutions to match your specific needs. Whether you require custom fields, reports, dashboards or something else entirely, Prodigy’s team of professionals will work closely with you to craft a solution tailored to your business objectives. Check out our work with BiP Solutions.

In the field of accounting and finance, partnering with the right consultants can make all the difference. Prodigy’s deep-rooted integration with Salesforce and our visionary approach to financial management provide a winning combination for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By embracing Prodigy’s cutting-edge solutions, you’ll be on the path to lead-to-ledger excellence, harnessing the power of the cloud, and optimizing the capabilities of Accounting Seed.

Take the leap with Prodigy today and empower your business with the tools it needs to achieve unparalleled success in the digital age.

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