Customer Service
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Evolve customer service from a function into a competitive advantage.

There is a strong correlation between customer service response times, and the satisfaction of your customers, with retention, average spend and upsell. If you care, they care.

Service Cloud is a tool which not only helps to manage and create a wow experience at every customer interaction, but turns customer service into your competitive advantage.

Help to organise your customer operations, automate personal touches and wow customers with rapid response rates while driving efficiency across the business.

Why Service Cloud?
  • Improve Response Rates: Bring customer service cases from across channels into a single view. Improve time to resolution by building a knowledge base so your team can find answers quickly. Automate repetitive tasks so your team can focus on keeping customers happy.
  • Understand Customers: From first-click to latest support ticket, you get a full 360 view of every customer interaction allowing you to deliver a personalised, tailored, customer experience
  • Integrated Service: Service Cloud integrates with lots of other applications from Docu Sign, to Mailchimp and other Salesforce clouds. Customer service is not a siloed function. With Service Cloud, neither is your platform.
Manage multi-channel tickets

One customer will often call, email and use social channels for service queries. Service Cloud enables you to deal with all open queries in one view, no matter what channel they are coming from and to sort, filter and create tasks, so no problem, or valuable customer, slips through the cracks.

Optimise Workflows

Automate tasks, priority levels, ticket assignment. This ensures a seamless experience for your customers and leaves no chance of human error or “Oh, I forgot to get back to them”.


While every ticket is an opportunity to provide a ‘wow’ customer experience, the reality of business means it has to be done efficiently and profitably. Service Cloud’s reporting suite allows you to spot service bottlenecks, monitor key KPIs like response rates and most importantly

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