Push boundaries. Create solutions. Rock how businesses work. 

We’re always looking for amazing people to join our crew. People that are committed, determined, passionate. Wired with the ingenuity to challenge the unknown and the perseverance to find solutions to even the most complex of problems.

We’re a team of engineers, consultants, software developers, marketers and customer support professionals. Our promise it to help people reach their full potential by challenging them, guiding them, and giving them the space to deliver. Think you’re a fit? If this sounds like you, get in touch today.

We have such a great, vibrant and dedicated team.
We collaborate very well and each person has a key strength. When we get together and support each other, we can overcome any challenge. We’re also mature and disciplined enough to maintain a flexible work / life balance.
Michael Camacho, CTO
We're a close knit team...
yet we get to work with and learn from, a huge variety of people from all over the world. We help great businesses grow, and develop ourselves at the same time.
Fergal De Paor, Head of Customer Success
Prodigy offers room for growth and learning.
We’re like a family here, you are made to feel comfortable and at home. It’s a great place to work and develop your skills.
Robin Mukuka, Senior Consultant

Shaping who we are, empowering us to solve complex problems, deliver the right solution, and support sustained progress.

We strive to earn the trust and respect of our clients by putting what’s best for them ahead of what’s best for us. By committing and persevering to deliver the best solution we can, one that truly solves their problems. Not doing ‘just enough’. And by being truthful, and honest in every client communication.
We value ingenuity, competency, the ability to adapt and see different solutions to complex problems. Being smart enough to deliver exactly what our clients need. We are known for our ‘chops’ in delivering highly customised solutions on the Salesforce platform.
Our humility means we listen to customers, peers, the market, and collaborate with others to continually become better at what we do and serving others. We are open to new ideas and as individuals are not interested in getting the credit – we just want our customers and team to win.

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