Salesforce marching
to your beat

We work with SMBs who are seeking to advance and deepen their use of Salesforce. We help them to radically simplify and improve how they work by challenging and shaping process and through a world-class ability to tailor Salesforce. We have a particular expertise in financial solutions.

How We Do It

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

We help you leverage the power of Salesforce to streamline, strengthen and scale your business. Exactly the system you need, nothing more, nothing less.
Process boot camp

Edge your process

We help you challenge your processes and find faster, smoother and more automated ways of getting things done. We go deep to understand your operation, needs and opportunities. No matter how complex or challenging, we have the team, capability, determination, and passion to deliver.

Simplify, automate and sharpen how your business operates

We can help you bring your next department, or all of your departments, onto Salesforce, including your finance department. We make it possible for you to use Salesforce as the single system to run your entire business.
Experts in bringing finance into Salesforce:

One of our key specialities is moving complete finance departments to Salesforce, by leveraging the Accounting Seed app. We have a deep partnership with Accounting Seed, and operate as one of their most advanced implementation partners globally.

Custom Salesforce solutions:

We can deliver your standard Salesforce drag and drop set-up, but our key expertise is in designing, coding, testing and delivering custom Salesforce solutions. Unique solutions for unique needs.

Training & support

Your way - just easier, faster, better.

We operate as a partner to help drive your business performance. We’re here to guide, deliver and support your complete Salesforce journey. With phases of implementation, intelligent training and attentive support.
Guidance & hands-on mentoring

Your Salesforce Sherpa

The journey doesn't end there. Prodigy can provide best-in-class cloud maintenance and training packages as a cost-effective alternative, or assistant to, full-time internal system admins. Our services can evolve with your needs: training new hires or refresher sessions with existing staff; developing workflows for new processes you need to introduce, and new customisations and features as you scale your company. We're here with you.

Supercharge your operation

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your team we’ll leverage the power of Salesforce to drive significant, and ongoing, progress for your business.
Improve Processes.
The ideas, experience and capability to help advance your processes.
Salesforce Your Way.
Exactly the system you need, nothing more, nothing less.
Hassle Free Implementation.
Fast, low-risk, fully managed, expert implementations.
Continuous Improvement.
See the way ahead with a clear roadmap for future developments.
Intelligent, Attentive Support.
We’re here to keep all running smoothly, supporting you and your users.
Finance in Salesforce.
Your financial and accounting processes, systems, and reports, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.
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Get in touch with one of our senior consultants and let’s see how you can streamline, strengthen and scale your business.