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BiP Solutions, a pioneering provider of procurement support and intelligence founded by Ron Burges in 1984, has been a trusted partner for over 5,000 public and private sector clients and more than a quarter-million suppliers. Their commitment to effective communication between buyers and suppliers forms the bedrock of their comprehensive suite of services, including Business Intelligence, eSourcing, Accreditation, Events & Marketing Solutions, and eProcurement & Supply Chain. BiP Solutions envisions being at the forefront of innovative supply chain solutions, driving economic and social prosperity.

Challenges & Limitations:

Despite being seasoned users of Salesforce CRM, the team at BiP Solutions faced challenges with their financial management.

The lack of full integration between their financial systems required manual reconciliation and manual manipulation hampering real-time financial insights.

Linda Andrews, CFO of BiP Solutions, recognized the constraints imposed by disconnected systems and processes. Excel drove many operational aspects, and data was scattered across multiple sources, such as Salesforce and Sage 200C, interfaced via Zynk.

The Breaking Point:

The decision to seek a better financial management solution came when faced with a Sage upgrade and a desire for a more efficient solution. BiP Solutions explored options, including the further upgrade to Sage, but sought a more streamlined interface, better reporting and improvements in cash collections.

Discovering Prodigy and Accounting Seed:

BiP Solutions, in search of an integrated accounting solution, asked for recommendations. They were introduced to Accounting Seed, a native Salesforce accounting software. After thorough discussions with Shane Deacon. VP EMEA at Accounting Seed and considering other options, Accounting Seed stood out for them.
BiP Solutions appreciated that Accounting Seed was native to Salesforce, streamlining invoicing and stripe integration. Additionally, they found Accounting Seed’s features for amortization to be valuable, a function not commonly found in accounting solutions.


To address these challenges, BiP Solutions turned to Prodigy, known for their Salesforce development and Accounting Seed expertise. Prodigy’s teams engaged in comprehensive discussions through a number of discovery sessions with the wider BIP finance team to understand BiP Solutions’ accounting processes, covering everything from accounts receivable to journal entries.

The project included the integration of Accounting Seed with Salesforce CRM, which encompassed a wide range of requirements, including product installation, user setup, data migration, and custom development of financial reports. Prodigy also facilitated Salesforce to Accounting Seed integrations to handle billings from three different processes, revenue recognition, and subscription management.

Linda noted that the new system is intuitive, with some customizations to suit UK practices. The navigation is easy, and it has:

  • streamlined reporting;
  • customer account management;
  • reducing duplicate accounts; and,
  • providing a comprehensive view for sales teams.

The efficiency gains have been substantial, and
processes that took days before now taking only hours.


The Impact:

BiP Solutions plans to establish a support agreement and encourage staff to utilize Accounting Seed’s help desk for better adoption. They are also looking to implement further financial management tools such as ‘smart pay’ for direct debits and anticipate further enhancements.

I honestly can’t thank Robin enough – his dedication to customers, support, knowledge, and ability to pick things up.

Linda Andrews, CFO BiP Solutions

With Prodigy and Accounting Seed, BiP Solutions has transformed its financial management, paving the way for continued growth and innovation.

Thanks to Prodigy’s partnership and expertise in Accounting Seed and Salesforce, BiP Solutions achieved a transformative leap in their financial management. The integration of Accounting Seed with Salesforce CRM eliminated manual reconciliations, delivering real-time financial insights and dynamic reporting capabilities. With seamless data flow and process automation, BiP Solutions gained unprecedented efficiency, streamlining their operations and enhancing decision-making.

BiP Solutions’ visionary approach, coupled with Prodigy’s innovative solutions, now positions them as a driving force in the procurement industry, advancing economic and social prosperity while providing unparalleled support to both public sector clients and suppliers.

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