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Open all doors with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).

Eliminate any gaps between marketing and sales with marketing automation and a CRM that’s fully integrated with Salesforce.

Marketing leaders face a number of challenges that Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) can help eliminate and give them a clear path to understanding what levers need to be pulled to grow revenue faster and create an exceptional customer experience.

Why Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?
  • Integrated with Salesforce: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is fully integrated with Salesforce meaning you can see the ROI of your campaigns and MQLs from end-to-end giving transparency on the true value of your creative efforts
  • Bespoke marketing experiences: run drag-and-drop automations to serve messages based on behaviour and deliver different content, at different stages of the buyer journey to your key segments
  • Data integrity: manage your databases in a GDPR compliant way. Score and grade contacts to identify ideal potential customers based on the marketing they’ve engaged with and other factors such as size, turnover, sector and whatever custom parameters are important to you and organisation
  • Understand ROI: build simple custom reports, or select from a library of pre-baked reports to monitor campaign performance, prove ROI and get insights into your next campaigns
Build Campaign Assets

Build on-brand, high-performing landing pages and email campaigns all from within the CRM. No coding skills required. Get full reports on how each asset is performing

Reports to Understand ROI

Stay on top of your campaigns and measure ROI with the reporting suite. Build custom reports or use one of the off-the-shelf reports available from the library

Automate Bespoke Buyer Journeys

Create custom automations that change based on the behaviour of your prospect or customer from opening an email (or many) to clicking on a link.

A Clear Path to Growth

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is fully integrated with Sales Cloud meaning you can still track the journey of the prospect even after they are handed over to sales.

Salesforce marching to your beat

We work with SMBs who are seeking to advance and deepen their use of Salesforce. We help them to radically simplify and improve how they work by challenging and shaping process and through a world-class ability to tailor Salesforce. We have a particular expertise in financial solutions.

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