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Channelling our mastery of Salesforce and ability to change process
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in a wide range of industries. 

Unify Aviation Operations: Boost Value, Cut Costs, Streamline Efficiency.

Prodigy pioneers innovative solutions tailored for companies in the aviation aftermarket industry, optimizing operations from document management to financial transactions.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we streamline processes, drive efficiency, and propel businesses towards success in the aviation sector. Discover more about our transformative solutions.

One platform to increase ACV, lower CAC and churn, and drive efficiency.

From lead generation to onboarding, and from customer success to billing, Prodigy helps SaaS companies to harness the power of one unified platform to increase ACV, lower CAC and churn, and drive efficiency through revenue per head. We understand the business and financing of SaaS is unique. That is why so many SaaS companies choose Prodigy as their implementation partner. 

Manage complex construction projects with ease.

Manage pipeline, jobs, quotes, and onsite teams. Prodigy has developed tools to help managers understand utilisation, resource scheduling, and profitability on complex construction projects for residential and commercial sites. One view of data, analytics, progress and costs in real-time.  

Field Services
Lean on Salesforce for mission-critical operations.

Get a tight grip on margins and customer satisfaction. Prodigy has deep experience in helping field services companies succeed at scale on the Salesforce platform with dispatch, job assignment, quotes, billing, utilization, and other mission-critical operations. 

Professional Services
Grow your team, customer base, and profitability.

We drink our own champagne. Billable hours, utilization, identifying scope creep, ongoing going customer comms and truly demonstrating the value of the work you have completed are challenges we understand, and help other professional service companies to solve. As a professional services company, we have been using Salesforce ourselves to grow our team, customer base and profitability for years. 

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Not For Profits
Tansform operations to make even more impact in changing the world for the better

Technology to enhance promotions, sales, and human people management along with sophisticated financial management oversight and reporting.

Prodigy Consultants
Salesforce marching to your beat

We work with SMBs who are seeking to advance and deepen their use of Salesforce. We help them to radically simplify and improve how they work by challenging and shaping process and through a world-class ability to tailor Salesforce. We have a particular expertise in financial solutions.

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