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AvSight - Designed for the Aviation industry by aviation technology experts

Innovative easy to use cloud-based software dedicated to aviation aftermarket suppliers & MRO facilities.
Preferred by Prodigy, AvSight combines inventory management, quotes, repairs, sales orders, and finance into one seamless flexible application.

Why AvSight?
  • Secure: AvSight includes robust security features to keep client data safe internally and externally. The platform is built on salesforce.com’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to leverage the existing certifications provided by Salesforce to meet or exceed some of the most stringent security requirements.
  • Digital: Say goodbye to your on-premise solution. AvSight’s completely cloud-based system stores all documents, reports, customer and vendor data.
  • Mobile first: Designed for mobile first, not the other way around. From RFQ to shipping, keep updated on the go. Route & track approval requests for quotes, account requests, lines of credit with just one click.
  • Account 360: Customer and vendor data readily available, right inside your work space. Whether you’re preparing a quote, working on a PO, or just about anything else, your key data is available at a glance.
  • Part 360: Fully configurable analytics & workspace modules. View the data you need, where you need it. Make asset purchase and lot purchase easy.
  • Quote 360: View all of your RFQs in one place, and automatically scores your best prospects on the criteria that’s most important to your team.
  • Task Automation: Automate repetitive low ROI tasks with easily configurable automations.

AvSight is designed to help your team gain efficiencies freeing up time to close more deals. Prioritise prospects and quote requests (RFQs) by designing and implementing your own scoring criteria within Quote 360.

Access all the data your need, wherever you are. Work smarter by customising dasboards, reporting & bespoke workflows. Converse with your customer knowledegbly while viewing you AvSight customer dashboard – all the information you need on one screen.

Utilise integrated parts and parts information modules to access information easily including data on history, quotes, orders, purchases, sales and pricing.

AvSight Sales Dashboard
Maintenance, Repairs, Operations

AvSight includes a comprehensive suite of tools for aircraft maintenance including work packages, storage maintenance planning, publications, and support for multiple aviation agencies.

Secure document tracking including billing, change orders, costing and part management are included in the work order interface. This allows you to manage work order tasks, tools and track and manage repairs in progress. Mobile Technician supports time tracking and materials management.

Complex transaction support, Part research/part 360 and reporting tools all serve to enchance the attractiveness of AvSight implementations.

Maintenance Repairs Operations

Run tight ship with Prodigy & AvSight.

Tailor reporting & oversight for shipping, receiving, inventory management. Order Fullment with AvSight picking process is a dream with printed and mobile lists and barcode scanner. Adopt end to end documentation management and verify with tag, trace and certifications.

Quickly see what shipments are in the flow and their status. Ensure protcols are adhered to by personalising permissions for certifications, documentation and auditing.

Operations on Salesforce
AvSight for government

AvSight is fully integrated with PartsBase Government Data (formerly Govgisitcs), helping with discovery and opportunity management.

AvSight imports solicitations from PartsBase Government Data, allowing you to access opportunities and inventory in one place with customised Solicitation Scoring

Trend Tracking is also available for frequently requested parts that not in your inventory

Government on salesforce

Present key financial reporting on customisable dashboards, backed up by your data stored accessibly in one location. This platform makes it possible to create reports whatever accounting software you use.

AvSight is designed to support multiple companies and currencies for easy finance management.

Complete automatic transaction matching against your financial records. And with AvSight’s integrated billing, you can easily create and manage invoices.

Finance for Salesforce
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Salesforce is a multi cloud extensible software company. Solutions include their CRM, Sales Cloud, Marketing, Service and Commerce
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Cloud based Aviation Management for efficiency & process improvements. AvSight was designed to meet the specific needs of the aviation aftermarket.
Enabling full financial and accounting integration on Salesforce, our close partnership is helping to transform finance departments.
Salesforce marching to your beat

We work with MROs who are seeking to advance and deepen their use of Salesforce, AvSight & Accounting Seed.. We help them to radically simplify and improve how they work by challenging and shaping process and through a world-class ability to tailor Salesforce. We have a particular expertise in aviation & accounting solutions.

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