12 Essential Features to Elevate Financial Management

Financial Management

Elevate Financial Management

Experience Seamless Financial Management with Prodigy and Accounting Seed –  A Comprehensive Suite of Accounting Features for Salesforce, and accounting automation.

Accounting Seed revolutionizes financial management by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive suite of essential accounting features into your present setup. From managing your general ledger with flexible accounting periods to automating banking transactions, Accounting Seed is designed to streamline every facet of your financial operations.

Discover 12 ways in which Accounting Seed empowers your business:

  1. General Ledger:
    Effortlessly manage fiscal and calendar accounting periods, execute hard and soft period closures, and deploy multi-dimensional charts of accounts. Accounting Seed excels in multi-company, multi-currency, and multinational accounting, with multi-level consolidation and foreign currency translation capabilities for consolidated results. Read more about multi-currency here.
  2. Budgeting:
    Elevate your budgeting process with project-level budgeting, tracking variables across accounting periods, and unlimited budget ledgers. Import and update budgets from Microsoft Excel, and enjoy dynamic reporting that compares actuals to budget or budget to budget.
  3. Banking:
    Seamlessly connect with thousands of banks and credit card companies for streamlined transaction matching. With automatic ledger transaction matching and the creation of source transactions when needed, Accounting Seed supports bank reconciliation and the import of foreign bank transactions. Accounting Seed’s embedded technology partners include Avalara, Stripe, Yodlee, Plaid and CardKnox. Prodigy recommends that you always confirm that your US or UKI bank is supported. Check out their Bank direct connect.
  4. Financial Reporting:
    Access a comprehensive suite of financial reports with drill-down capabilities, including trial balances, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Custom financial statements can be effortlessly crafted with user-defined rows, columns, and calculations, making this solution a must for financial management. Read about our work with Colorado Public Television.
  5. Journal Entries:
    Streamline custom import with pre-configured import mapping files, clone journal entries, and enjoy reversible journal entries for accruals. Attach images and files directly to journal entries and make necessary corrections to un-posted journal entries. Discover how non-profit Sustainable Energy for All upgraded expenses and journal entries management.
  6. Billing & Distribution:
    Create billings from Salesforce opportunities, sales orders, timecards, or expense reports. Automate recurring billings and seamlessly integrate sales tax functionality with Avalara integration. Monitor accounts receivable ageing and automate customer billing emails.
  7. Cash Receipts & Collections:
    Offer a seamless payment experience with automatically generated “pay now” links for online payments. Facilitate cash matching between accounts, process multi-currency payments, and manage automated customer refunds. Read how the Restaurant Association of Ireland switched from Quickbooks to Accounting Seed.
  8. AP & Cash Disbursements:
    Track and approve payable records with automated and recurring payables. Monitor accounts payable ageing, automatically take prompt payment discounts, and manage prepaid expense recognition and 1099 vendor tracking.
  9. Purchasing:
    Monitor the creation and approval of purchase orders, consolidate multiple sales orders into a single purchase order, and seamlessly generate accounts payable records from purchase orders. Enjoy efficient order management with features like serialized and non-serialized inventory tracking, kitting, and automated drop shipments.
  10. Project Service Billings:
    Leverage flexible work breakdown structures, bill for expenses with or without markup, and handle time and material billing. Facilitate progress and milestone billings, even for multiple projects on a single invoice.
  11. Time & Expense:
    Streamline time tracking, expense reporting, and time and material billing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in project-based billing.
  12. Project Reporting:
    Gain insights into project profitability, track billing, expenses, and time against projects, and create detailed project budget versus actual reports.

McBreen Environmental

Sinéad NicNiallaigh of McBreen Environmental explains the journey they’ve been on with Prodigy, and how they’ve used Accounting Seed to take their finance management to the next level.


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