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We understand the critical importance of efficiency, especially when time is of the essence. Just like the urgency of getting an aircraft back in the air when it’s grounded (AOG), we prioritize ensuring your operations run smoothly and swiftly.

Partnering with industry leaders like Salesforce and AvSight, we tailor solutions leveraging cutting-edge technology such as the power of Flow for autoquoting, streamlined document management, seamless third-party integrations, and robust data security solutions, enhancing efficiency in your aviation operations.

Ready to elevate your efficiency to new heights? Remember, underutilizing your core systems and software is like leaving an aircraft AOG for years, costing you valuable time and resources. Let Prodigy help you unlock the full potential of your operations.

Salesforce Aviation Consultants
The Move Away From Legacy Systems
On premise solutions are slowing aviation businesses down

Legacy systems are slowing business down, posing unique challenges for organizations. These systems often demand specialized staff for maintenance, require constant server upkeep, and are prone to crashes, rendering them unreliable. They typically necessitate VPN connections due to their local application nature, limiting accessibility and connectivity.

While newer cloud-based solutions are emerging, it’s essential to address the existing systems’ drawbacks. Prodigy understands the intricacies of legacy systems and excels in providing tailored solutions. As masters of Salesforce, experts in AvSight optimization, and equipped with a team of Accounting Seed and financial experts, we offer comprehensive support to complement and enhance existing systems.

Partner with Prodigy to overcome the hurdles posed by legacy systems and unlock the full potential of your aviation operations.

Prodigy is committed to addressing key operational challenges, empowering companies to optimize their processes and achieve operational excellence.
  • Utilizing the Potential of Salesforce:
    Many customers have custom builds of Salesforce to address their needs. Others extend AvSight with Sales, Service, and Marketing to acquire assets faster, improve marketing to their customers to let them know they have the parts, and provide superior service to suppliers and customers with Service Cloud.
  • Autoquoting Streamlined:
    Simplifying Quote Generation with Salesforce Automation. The process of generating quotes automatically, especially for complex aviation services, poses a significant challenge for companies. To address this issue, Prodigy leverages Salesforce's automation capabilities to implement autoquoting functionalities. By streamlining this process within Salesforce, companies can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy in their quoting process.
  • Efficient Document Management:
    Enhancing Workflow Efficiency with Automated Document Handling. Aviation companies often struggle with managing aviation-related documents efficiently, leading to operational bottlenecks. Prodigy offers solutions to automate the attachment of documents to notifications or outbound emails, ensuring seamless document handling. By automating this critical aspect of document management, companies can streamline workflows and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Seamless Third-Party Integrations:
    Overcoming Compatibility Challenges for Enhanced Workflow Integration. Integrating third-party document editors into existing systems can be challenging for aviation companies, impacting workflow efficiency. Prodigy specializes in facilitating seamless integrations, ensuring compatibility and smooth workflow integration. By addressing these compatibility challenges, companies can optimize their document editing processes and streamline operations.
  • Ensuring Data Security:
    Robust Backup Solutions for Enhanced Data Protection. Data security is paramount in aviation operations, necessitating robust backup solutions to safeguard critical data. Prodigy offers reliable backup mechanisms tailored to the unique needs of aviation operations. By implementing these backup solutions, companies can ensure data security, integrity, and resilience, minimizing the risk of disruptions in operations.
Key Challenge

Bridging Operational Gaps in Aviation

In the aviation industry, disparate processes and disconnected systems hinder collaboration and efficiency. Customizing powerful aviation software to address these challenges is complex and often costly. Traditional ERP solutions require significant infrastructure investment and struggle to streamline workflows effectively.

Our goal is to overcome these obstacles by providing configurable, scalable solutions tailored to your evolving needs. We aim to simplify complex workflows, automate manual tasks, and ensure data consistency across your operations. With transparent and repeatable processes, we help optimize tear-down processes, automate RFQ and quoting processes, and enhance collaboration for improved efficiency and precision.

Our Superpowers
Masters of Salesforce. Specialists in finance, project management and aviation

Prodigy excels in Salesforce mastery, pushing the platform’s boundaries through native and integrated apps. Our niche lies in crafting and customizing finance and aviation solutions. In aviation, we leverage AvSight ERP (a Salesforce OEM), enhancing it with Accounting and a touch of RPA and Projo to seamlessly tailor it to our needs.

Crafting process excellence every step of the way.  Check our our approach

Take your ERP and accounting operations to the next level by integrating OCR and RPA technologies. Utilize your data throughout Projo, Accounting Seed, AvSight & Salesforce.  Discover our RPA team

Projo – Project management of asset acquisition process up to teardown. Improve alignment across departments to increase revenue and cash flow predictability. Integrated with AvSight and Accounting Seed.  Visit yourprojo.com

Our partnership ensures your financial suite aligns seamlessly with your AvSight ecosystem. Now you can Enhance your business intelligence with Prodigy’s accounting dashboards.  Read finance for aviation

AvSight designed to meet the specific needs of the aviation aftermarket.
Prodigy help your team take AvSight to a new level with advanced support, development and customizations.  More about AvSight

Globally renowned software platform, recognized for its exceptional capabilities and its extensive suite of cloud-based tools

RPA for Salesforce
Expert Support Services for Your Aviation Needs
Ensuring Smooth Operations with Prodigy's Dedicated Support Services

Think of Prodigy’s managed support services as the skilled maintenance crew for your organization’s “software aircraft.” Our team provides regular check-ups, troubleshooting, and repairs, much like a diligent aircraft maintenance team ensuring the software’s optimal performance.

Moreover, just as an aircraft relies on certified parts to maintain safety standards, Prodigy offers certified solutions and expertise tailored to your unique needs. Our team ensures that your software receives the right upgrades, integrations, and enhancements, keeping it compliant and efficient.

But as organizations gain experience, they discover the true power of the software, finding innovative ways to use its data and capabilities. When they’re ready to take their software “aircraft” to the next level, Prodigy’s managed services and support packages are there to guide them.

Partner with Prodigy for meticulous care and smooth operations in aviation. Fly high with confidence.

Elevate Efficiency with Prodigy RPA
Simplify Aviation Operations

Prodigy offers tailored Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services for the aviation sector.

Our RPA solutions automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

From document classification to invoice extraction, we optimize workflows for enhanced productivity and accuracy. Partner with Prodigy to streamline your operations and soar to new heights.

RPA Team at Prodigy
LeaseWorks Key Features

Explore the Comprehensive Capabilities for Aviation Lease Management

As a trusted partner for LeaseWorks implementations, Prodigy offers expertise in leveraging its key features to optimize aviation lease management.
Achieve Operational Excellence
LeaseWorks combines streamlined lease administration with comprehensive asset tracking, financial management, and reporting capabilities. Experience operational excellence as you effectively manage lease agreements and maximize the value of leased assets.
Streamlined Lease Administration
Efficiently manage lease terms, rental payments, and renewals with LeaseWorks' streamlined lease administration capabilities. Benefit from a centralized repository for storing lease agreements, ensuring easy access and organization.
Precise Asset Tracking
Track leased assets throughout their lifecycle with precision. Monitor asset utilization, maintenance schedules, and regulatory compliance to ensure optimal asset performance and compliance.
Accurate Financial Management
Facilitate accurate accounting and financial reporting for leased assets with LeaseWorks' financial management features. Automate calculations for lease payments, depreciation, and other financial metrics, ensuring compliance and financial transparency.
Actionable Reporting & Analytics
Derive actionable insights from lease data with advanced reporting and analytics tools. Generate customizable reports and perform trend analysis to make informed decisions and drive business growth.
Comprehensive Lifecycle Oversight
Oversee the entire lifecycle of leased assets, from initial contract negotiation to ongoing maintenance. Ensure seamless operations and compliance throughout the asset lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Salesforce consultant
Salesforce is a multi cloud extensible software company. Solutions include their CRM, Sales Cloud, Marketing, Service and Commerce
AvSight consultant
Cloud based Aviation Management for efficiency & process improvements. AvSight was designed to meet the specific needs of the aviation aftermarket.
Leaseworks consultant
Optimizing lease administration, asset tracking, financial management, reporting, analytics, and operational excellence for streamlined aviation lease operations.
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Run your projects more efficiently and profitably than ever before, with fully functional project management in Salesforce. Featuring comprehensive resource planning, and capable of full financial integration. The team at Prodigy used their passion for project management and domain expertise in finance to build Projo from the ground up. We’re incredibly proud to say it’s being used by companies all around the world.

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