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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let our team at Prodigy be your co-pilots on this incredible journey! Whether you’re looking to streamline sales processes, optimize customer relationships, or achieve cost savings with Salesforce, AvSight, and Accounting Seed, we’ve got the expertise to make it happen.

Prodigy is a Salesforce Consultancy specializing in aviation, finance and innovation via Salesforce. Many of our team have backgrounds in finance and bring a deep knowledge of accounting to the table.

How we approach consulting at Prodigy

At Prodigy, our consultancy aims to empower you with Salesforce’s full potential, streamlining, strengthening, and scaling your business. We tailor the system precisely to your needs, offering exactly what you require, no more, no less.

Our Approach

  1. Process Bootcamp
    We start by listening. Our mission is to assist you in optimizing your processes, and uncovering efficient and automated solutions, while thoroughly understanding your unique operation, needs, and challenges, all driven by our capable and dedicated team’s passion for delivering exceptional results.
  2. Implementation
    Our comprehensive services enable you to seamlessly integrate all your departments, including finance, onto Salesforce, empowering you to efficiently run your entire business from a single platform.
    We will create a list of proposed items outlining
    – the impact they will have,
    – who they will affect,
    – the return on investment you will see from these changes. A common challenge experienced is the competing needs and wants of different department heads. The Sales department wants one thing but the finance department wants something else. Our team will advise on what we believe you should tackle first, and what will have the most impact on daily life. Your business will need to prioritize decisions based on many factors, not least resources, time and budgets.
  3. Project Management
    Together with your team, we will work on creating a support or product roadmap. The roadmap will be shared as an open and transparent Quip document within Salesforce. We advise creating a regular cadence of meetings with core stakeholders. Prodigy has built our own project management app in Salesforce which we use internally, populating with tasks and milestones related to each department e.g. reporting improvements, automation improvements etc.
  4. Training and support
    As your dedicated partner, we facilitate your business performance, providing comprehensive Salesforce solutions through seamless implementation, intelligent training, and attentive ongoing support.
  5. Guidance & hands-on mentoring
    Prodigy offers comprehensive cloud maintenance and training packages as a cost-effective alternative or support to full-time internal system admins. From training new hires to developing workflows for new processes and scaling your company, our services adapt and evolve with your needs, ensuring a seamless journey of growth and success together.

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Get an idea of the type of projects we work on


Salesforce referred EirTrade to Prodigy. They were using legacy software Quantum. Quantum was widely used in aviation and different sectors of the aviation industry. The company had been using AvSight and Accounting Seed for nearly a year. The solutions were very much out-of-the-box with little customization. The team at EirTrade knew that there was huge potential to access and utilise the volumes of data within the huge data model available to them. They were very eager to tap into it. Senior Solutions Architect Paul advises

Once we understand your process we can then manipulate the system to bend to your will and do what it is you want it to do.

Prodigy and EirTrade collaborated on a strategy, timeline and roadmap – all available in a Quip document within Salesforce. These are some of the projects that we have been collaborating on: automation for emailing statements, trace back process, OCR vendor invoices, dashboard changes, custom reports and advanced analytics, security updates and profiles. Integrations with their bank, Projo HR and Projo Project Management.

BiP Solutions

Already seasoned users of Salesforce CRM with over a decade of experience, the team at BiP Solutions sought to elevate their financial management capabilities by implementing Accounting Seed functionality. The lack of full integration between their financial systems meant manual reconciliation could not be avoided. Real-time financial insights were elusive, and financial reporting was confined to Excel-based processes, offering limited drill-down capabilities.
Prodigy’s teams engaged in comprehensive discussions, meticulously understanding BiP Solutions’ accounting processes, including accounts receivable, payable, month-end, and journal entries. Accounting Seed was installed, and configured with data migration. Prodigy undertook the development of comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards. Our team provided thorough user training and post “go-live” support

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VTSLVTSL wanted to bring accounting into the Salesforce environment. Prodigy helped them do this from ‘lead to ledger’
PBS12 Colorado Public TelevisionFinancial operations quickly moved to a new, tailored financial solution.
GraphediaWe Couldn’t Grow Faster without Salesforce and Projo

Go further with Prodigy & modular solutions

Example of our innovative modular solutions

Our goal is to listen and understand your business systems and pain points then deliver customized solutions and improved processes. We highlight gaps in out-of-the-box functionality in platforms such as Salesforce, AvSight, and Accounting Seed for our clients’ needs and create oftentimes simple modular solutions.

Our experience has led us to create a number of modularised solutions. A feature list of services that we can build – whether they are automation or new functionality. Solutions that have arisen from gaps in the current functionality – often everyday functionality that businesses need. There may be minimal impact, and minimal return but it might solve an extremely frustrating process or set of tasks by simplifying steps for employees. This is very valuable to employers and employees.

  1. Using OCR to automate invoice issuing & minimize the manual processing of invoices
    Optical character recognition for the automatic processing of documents received via email or file storage generates huge savings from task repetition. In particular data extraction of email addresses, account information, order and part numbers, tax rates, and generating invoices from line items. These items then await approval within Accounting Seed by the accounts team removing the need for time-consuming, manual, repetitive tasks.
    This type of customized solution is not limited to invoices.

Project Management with Projo

Projo project management has been built natively in Salesforce by the team at Prodigy.

Because you’re starting to do more aspects of your business within Salesforce and the fact that that data now exists in Salesforce means you can report on it.  Bringing in Projo Project Management, and for example, tasking your workshop people with actual tasks with time logging allows you to access and report on that data.

A business using AvSight and Accounting Seed can access costings to understand the full value of a sale – time and resources and overheads, expenses.

Prior to Projo you would be making a number of assumptions for example, “I’m paying an engineer a wage but I don’t know where that wage is divided up. I don’t know how much of their time is spent on one project versus another”.
With Projo you get a far deeper, more granular level of detail there that you can report on.

Accessible data and data analytics is the ultimate goal to make your business efficient and be able to use this data to make and inform data-driven decisions whilst working on current and future project rollouts. You get this with Projo PM

HR features with Projo HR

Projo HR is Prodigy’s response to the demand for human resources features built native to Salesforce.
We offer small and light solutions to track time, time off and expenses, along with applicant tracking.

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Cloud based Aviation Management for efficiency & process improvements. AvSight was designed to meet the specific needs of the aviation aftermarket.
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