Projo – project management software with finance expertise


Every project manager wants to ensure that their project runs smoothly, completes on time, and within budget. That’s their job. For those keen to excel, however, project profitability is the supreme goal. Now there is project management software with finance expertise available

Ensuring your project delivers value for the time, effort, and resources invested helps your business maintain a competitive edge. Unfortunately, factors such as scope creep and low employee utilisation can easily skew the outcome. Particularly when real-time finance data is hard to access.

Projo helps redress this balance. Unlike traditional project accounting where a quote is issued at the outset and passed to finance to bill on completion, Projo is software with finance expertise and embeds accounts functionality directly within your project management platform. Helping you track profitability every step of the way and that’s why we’re excited to launch Projo as a new service offering.

What is Projo?

Designed in-house by Prodigy to combine in-depth resource planning with full financial integration, Projo delivers profitable project management via the Salesforce platform.

With instant reporting and real-time visibility, you’ll have constant access to financial data across all projects. This deep integration and enhanced transparency helps you stay on top of project finances. So you can more easily forecast, measure, and increase project profitability.

Using the Projo app, you can access tools for in-depth resource planning including:

  • time logging
  • calendar views
  • invoicing
  • reporting

Underpinning this functionality is a team of experts with deep finance expertise and solid Salesforce experience. The Projo development team are Salesforce and finance experts with a thorough understanding of Accounting Seed and a keen focus on business process and needs.

This ensures the Projo app integrates seamlessly with your financial and accounting processes and can be customized to your needs for a tailored user experience.

With extensive features and in-depth functionality, Projo provides end-to-end project management via the Salesforce platform with finance expertise. By making enterprise level tools accessible to businesses of all sizes, Projo helps you harness the power of customer data for smart, efficient, and profitable project management.

How can Projo help?

Let’s take a look at the key Projo features designed to help you assess and improve project profitability.

Get the full picture

Taking a top-down view of resources, utilisation rates, and accounts provides a bird’s eye view of project profitability. Projo delivers this long lens approach, letting you view all projects from a single screen. With access to the full picture, you can identify risks easily and take corrective action in real-time.

Plan in detail

Careful project planning helps you organise the various elements of your strategy and prioritise tasks. With Projo, you can set milestones and project tasks with clear start, end, and due dates. Visibility on current completion status helps manage project progress with a Ganntt chart for every project to help you easily plan and track progress.

Control project profitability

With full invoice and expense tracking, project financial status is easier to monitor and analyse at any point in the project lifecycle. A clearer view of profit margins can help you understand growth, revenue, and overhead costs, providing information on overall profitability that will inform your future business choices.

Simplify resource management

Resource planning requires extensive preparation. Projo helps reduce that burden with a clear view of availability and resource capacity. Assign project tasks onto a resources calendar to schedule time against a specific project. With multiple views and filters, the resource planner offers vital information on resource utilisation and capacity. So you can see what skills are available and when.

To discover more about how the Projo app could improve your project profitability, contact our expert team today.

“An extensive knowledge of CRM systems and business operations helps drive our technology offering, ensuring the Projo app delivers the performance our customers need. My goal is to make sure our users have the latest tech tools at their fingertips and I strive to make sure my development team can deliver on that.

It helps that we have such a vibrant and dedicated team at Prodigy. We play to our strengths and collaborate to create products that make our customers’ lives so much easier. Products such as Projo, which is built on the Salesforce platform, and provides an easy to manage and stress-free environment for our team. That’s how we know we can deliver the tools to run a smart, efficient and profitable business – because we use those same tools too!”

– Michael Camacho, Prodigy CTO and head of the Projo development team

Masters of Salesforce, Specialists in Finance, Project Management & Aviation

Prodigy specializes in partnering with companies to elevate and enhance their utilization of Salesforce, AvSight & and Accounting Seed. We have a unique emphasis on the aviation industry. Our core expertise lies in crafting innovative solutions through Salesforce’s native development. Our collaborative approach involves redefining and refining processes, seamlessly integrating them into Salesforce, and maximizing its potential for your business growth. With a deep dedication to innovation, we empower our clients to streamline their operations and achieve unparalleled success.

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