A Tight Turnaround to bring Accounting into Salesforce

David Walton is CFO and co-founder of VTSL, a fast-growing SMB selling hosted telecoms and connectivity provider to the UK and Irish markets with offices in London and Cork. This is the story of how they achieved their goal of accounting on Salesforce. 


Spreadsheets Were Not Scaling with their Rate of Growth 

VTSL has been on the Salesforce platform for over a decade using products such as Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud and now wanted a 360 view from an accounting perspective i.e. a fully native accounting software, where they could run and track everything from ‘lead to ledger’ without siloed data, inaccurate reporting and accounting, manual data-stitching with delayed insights and a host of other challenges using a standalone accounting software brings. There was no way their existing on-premise software or spreadsheets were going to scale with great growth of their business.

In David’s own words, he described it as “Reporting was messy and not fit for purpose on our old software. I had to manually extract data and do a reconciliation to understand what clients we needed to collect cash from. This was slow on high volumes of transactions and error-prone so everything had to be double and triple checked” 


‘Lead to Ledger’ – Accounting Seed

VTSL need to fix this before the next month-end run. Prodigy had to work on a tight schedule to implement Accounting Seed, do the data migration and get David and his team up-to-speed on the platform. “Prodigy is super prompt to respond, and Robin was hugely helpful in getting our data across, helping me to understand the product and to build custom reports specifically for our business and needs”.

“Accounting being fully native to Salesforce was a must for us. A trusted partner recommended Prodigy to us to guide us on that journey. They did the heavy lifting and put no barriers in front of us and they saw value in the long-term relationship.”

The solution Prodigy recommended and implemented was Accounting Seed.


Accounting Seed is far better and more mature than other products we’ve used. Consolidation is amazing. I can view both the UK and Irish accounts in GBP. Being familiar with the Salesforce platform also meant we were also familiar with the user interface and with the help of Prodigy, got used to using Accounting Seed for our core accounting processes pretty quickly.”

Multi Currency Ledger and Accounting in Salesforce was a must for VTSL