Graphedia is a fast-growing web, app, and animation design agency with offices located in County Wexford and County Kildare in Leinster, Ireland. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Niall and Sarah Reck, the award-winning agency is now in its 22nd year of operations. We caught up with Niall to understand more about his experience of Projo, Salesforce and Prodigy, and why the implementation is critical for their next phase of growth. 


While a growing customer base and revenues are key indicators of a flourishing business, they bring operational challenges and the need for new processes. “We needed a system that would bring all our data into one space”. Niall told us. 

We are in the next phase of growth in our business and required a system that would allow us easier access to new opportunities and follow-up on those.  We needed to track our support queries in greater detail to ensure our customers were on the correct packages.   “We needed a support ticketing system, and everyone needed to have access to the appropriate data to do their job better and faster.”

“I just couldn’t grow faster without Salesforce. But I wasn’t going to buy it out of the box as I’d never used this CRM before. I needed Prodigy to make it happen.” 



Prodigy reviewed Graphedia’s sales, project management, and customer support issues and noticed a couple of acute pain points the team was experiencing and implemented a multi-cloud solution.

Sales Cloud 

  • Open opportunities were now viewable in one place with monetary values attached making the current pipeline visible and the flow of new business more predictable  
  • Prodigy adapted the Sales Cloud quoting function to allow us to follow up on potential business.   
  • Tasks were now being assigned for follow-up on leads and opportunities generating more business 

Service Cloud

  • Niall and the management team can track tickets per customer and understand where the volume of their support time is being spent  
  • Support conversations are deeper but faster, with the data on previous calls available to give troubleshooting context  


Projo is a project management tool built by Prodigy within the Salesforce platform. Read more about it here:

  • Capacity is understood and planned for through the tool removing bottlenecks and increase utilisation across the team  
  • Completion and progress of projects is tracked in detail and customer billing is real-time relative to where they are in their journey  
  • Delivery of services is de-risked as bottlenecks are spotted in advance accounting for annual leave 
  • Productivity and overall output are increased increasing the volume of jobs and opportunities that can be handled  
On Prodigy:

Some of the core results experienced are increased revenue as opportunities are tracked and quotes are now all followed up on in a timely manner. In Niall’s words, “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to go into an opportunity and just mail the contact directly to follow-up on a quote’. 
“We’ve now identified the SLA plans that our customers need to be on to offer the support they require.”  
“Yvonne and the team at Prodigy were amazing. Nothing was ever too much and we’ve had a seamless transition. I would also highly recommend their product Projo for any services or project management”.  
While Niall talked about the scaling advantages of using Salesforce and Projo, he mentioned their credibility is growing with large customers too as “We’re now able to show them how we quote and that we do this process on the Salesforce platform.”

Project Snapshot