Transforming Healthcare Sales: How HSL Leveraged Salesforce for Growth

Our Client

Founded in 1962 by John Elliott, Hospital Services Ltd (HSL) was acquired by Dominic Walsh in 2015 and has evolved into a leading integrated healthcare solutions provider in Ireland and the UK. HSL expanded its offerings through generic growth and acquisition and has recently incorporated MDI in Kells, Co. Meath and also Fleetwood in Greystones, enhancing its business presence across Ireland.

With a focus on radiology, ultrasound, healthcare communications technology, endoscopy, surgical equipment, ophthalmology, medical consumables and more HSL Group is positioned amongst the leading healthcare solutions providers in Ireland and Great Britain.

As the General Manager for the Surgical and Consumables product portfolio in Ireland, Paddy Stamp joined Hospital Services Ltd (HSL) five years ago, overseeing a diverse range of products and services. His role ensures seamless sales operations and customer satisfaction within the company. HSL’s partnership with world-class manufacturers and dedication to customer support under Paddy’s leadership has solidified its position as a trusted supplier in the healthcare industry.

With Salesforce optimisation facilitated by Prodigy, HSL is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance sales operations, streamline processes, and drive business growth.


The Problem

Before embracing Salesforce, HSL grappled with inefficiencies in managing sales opportunities across diverse divisions and product lines. Data silos, lack of visibility into the sales pipeline, and manual reporting processes hindered productivity and decision-making.

The main challenge we faced initially was that our company wasn’t utilising Salesforce. Despite its potential benefits, there was resistance among users to adopt the system

Paddy Stamp


Initially set up by another partner, the system was deemed overly complex by users, leading to cultural resistance and poor adoption rates. It just didn’t work for them right out of the box. Recognizing the importance of Salesforce optimization, CEO Dominic Walsh championed the need for change, paving the way for Prodigy to step in and revitalize the platform.



Prodigy and HSL embarked on a meticulous journey to overhaul the Salesforce system, focusing on customizing Sales Cloud to suit the unique needs of HSL’s diverse teams, or “pillars.”

Led by Prodigy’s Salesforce architect, Emma McHugh, the project entailed creating tailored sales processes for each pillar, simplifying data fields, and enhancing user accessibility.

From account and contact management to lead tracking, sales operations, analytics, and custom dashboards, Salesforce was customized to optimize sales processes and enhance operational efficiency. For example, rather than having long picklists, options were reduced to only items for a specific ‘pillar’.  Sales teams managers benefit from having email thread and quotes ‘all in one place’.

Paddy Stamp emphasized “The key for me is it’s a really easy solution with ease of accessibility to the information.”

Through extensive collaboration and feedback loops, Prodigy ensured that every aspect of the Salesforce instance aligned with HSL’s overarching goals and objectives.

Trust and collaboration are deeply ingrained in the ongoing relationship between HSL and Prodigy. We’ve built strong relationships. I feel like an extended member for the HSL team.

Emma, Prodigy Project Lead



With Emma’s expertise and Prodigy’s unwavering support, HSL witnessed a significant improvement in user adoption rates and data accuracy.

Specific sales dashboards were developed for each pillar, empowering users to access real-time insights tailored to their respective domains. The newfound simplicity and ease of use fostered a culture of data-driven decision-making, enabling HSL to better realise the full potential of their Salesforce investment.

As a result of implementing Salesforce, we gained valuable insights and improved access to data. Salesforce provides us with comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing us to track activities and analyse performance more effectively.

Paddy Stamp


Prodigy’s support and training facilitated user adoption, overcoming initial resistance and driving system utilization across the organization.

HSL experienced improved pipeline visibility, increased productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction, laying the foundation for future growth and success.

Users can promptly confirm the accuracy of their data, granting them the necessary tools for effective pipeline management – ready access to pipeline value and close dates. This includes understanding the value of the sales pipeline, tracking specific opportunities at various stages, and facilitating accurate forecasting.


“I’m extremely satisfied with this project,” said Emma McHugh, the Prodigy Project Lead. “Our vision perfectly aligned with the management’s goals for optimizing HSL. It’s crucial to deliver on this shared vision, ensuring the result truly reflects our aspirations. Collaborating with each team was key. With a high-performing team and active involvement of end-users in scoping, we achieved our objectives, providing the management team with actionable analytics to effectively manage the sales pipeline.



Project Snapshot