Salesforce Powers Ireland’s Leading Wheelchair Provider

For over 12 years, Momentum Healthcare has been Ireland’s leading provider of 24 hour postural care products including, wheelchairs, custom moulded seating and physical therapy aids.

We caught up with Aisling Carroll, Operations Director for Momentum to learn more about their experience with Salesforce and Prodigy, and how the implementation has impacted the business. While serving over 1,300 customers directly they are also proud to call the HSE (Irish Health Service) a customer along with a network of local community care centres located all around Ireland and a strong B2B customer base of occupational therapists. As a leading Salesforce Salescloud implementation partner in Ireland/UK we were incredibly proud to work with an organisation with such an important mission.


Manual processes and no sales visibility

A true passion for Aisling and the team at Momentum is putting customer experience at the centre of everything. With siloed systems though from using Sage 50 for accounts, to using Mailchimp for marketing, to tracking most workflows on Excel, it was a manual process that required constant monitoring. “At our stage of growth Excel was causing issues from access, to just lacking the functionality needed to track sales, customer queries and other important information as we moved customers through the purchasing process.”

Tracking who their customer base was, past and present, and understanding the sales process in terms of who is being targeted, when, with what and the conversion rate was not transparent. This needed to be fixed with Momentum’s ambitious plans to expand. They were also using google calendar to book appointments with their clients and manually sending quotes out.


Sales Cloud Powering Orders

“Our sales cycle can be anywhere from 2-6 months so tracking progress and managing our pipeline through Sales Cloud is a big opportunity to increase our conversion rate and make the most of the demanding work we put into delivering a quality product and customer experience. Also, we were not proactively targeting so much as organically growing, but now we can accelerate with Salesforce in place.” 

Using a Salesforce implementation partner was really important to Momentum. A colleague’s company used Salesforce out-of-the-box. It is a powerful product but requires skill to set it up and they regretted not getting someone in to map out their processes and shape the software to their needs. They realise now that they would be using more features and happier with it if they did”


Seamless communications & Pipeline Visibility

Selling such a specialised product requires paperwork, especially when dealing with government and healthcare. Paperwork such as delivery documents is now automated and printed with a click for appropriate stages as the opportunity progresses. “It’s really cut down on unnecessary phone calls and emails internally and with customers making for a better, more efficient experience. I also love how we can see the thread of conversations and interactions with customers on Sales Cloud as multiple people deal with the customer throughout their journey. It helps to create a joined-up and seamless experience.” 

“I really felt Prodigy was with me the whole way through the process. Michael was like a new team member and their knowledge of Salesforce was amazing. They came onsite and gave us training and that worked so well. We’ve found a partner for the long-term and we want to work with them every year to do a new phase of work to constantly evolve and transform our business. I’d recommend Prodigy in a heartbeat”.

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Here’s a sneak peak at the raw process maps used during the Momentum Healthcare implementation.

Momentum Health Care before using Salesforce
The process from order handling and creation to delivery was manual. The team at Momentum is incredibly customer-focused, and using Salesforce allowed them to automate paperwork, but also gave them critical visibility on who was being targetted and when from a sales perspective turning growth from reactive, to proactive.

In the workflow below you can see Salesforce at the heart of their operation now driving a business that is making Ireland and the world a better place. Chatter, leads, opportunites, quotes and pricing were all critical part of the migration from manual and Salesforce’s integration capabilities made for a seamless migration.

Momentum Healthcare after using Salesforce

Project Snapshot