CF Pharma

CF Pharma is based in Ireland and manufactures a range of novel-specific health food supplements, medical device formulations, and advanced topical dermatological solutions for both human and animal healthcare. CF Pharma has a large employee base with skill sets that provide high-quality, innovative, safe, and effective medical devices in compliance with regulatory requirements. 

The company is continuously looking to improve its product portfolio with new and innovative products for the human and veterinary range and exports products to over 26 countries globally.

Prodigy caught up with Caroline Fogarty, General Manager of CF Pharma Ireland to learn more about their experience with their Salesforce Pharma setup and how it impacted the business.



CF Pharma is a fast-growing and innovative company. As the sales team grew, so did the number of countries they were selling to and the volume and range of products they were producing.

“We were managing everything from spreadsheets. From leads at tradeshows to opportunities, to even new product development and the efficiency of our production lines. This became really hard to stay on top of all the different moving parts, let alone analyze and understand where the gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities were”.  

Simple but important items like customer communications lacked visibility. For example, if a member of staff was on annual leave, the team couldn’t see if a lead or opportunity was followed up on. Staff utilization was also challenging without understanding capacity and being able to manage task assignments and track completion.

“Looking at our opportunities and being able to forecast our production lines were going to be under capacity in six weeks was manual, and inaccurate”.  


Sales Cloud was implemented to replace Excel for managing leads and opportunities. New Product Development (NPD) is a huge part of the CF Pharma operations and their growth. Prodigy built custom objects and a bespoke new product forecasting tool on the Sales cloud platform again replacing spreadsheets plus Monday(dot)com. Product delivery tracking was also another custom development created allowing CF Pharma to track everything from lead to delivery.

A big win for Caroline and the team was simplifying the business org structure and reporting through Salesforce for their two companies, CF Pharma Ltd. And CF Pharma Ireland. Prodigy set up the org so they can filter and report across both companies or individuals. 

It goes without saying, that Salesforce works great for Pharma when you have a partner that understands the business processes.


Prodigy and the Salesforce platform have made a significant impact on the business and not just in operations but also in commercials.

Sales and marketing budgets have been created more so than ad-hoc requests for budget on a per-campaign or promotion basis. “We’ve been able to demonstrate the impact of our sales and marketing efforts and also the resources needed to grow further when having conversations with finance.”

As an innovative pharma company, new product development (NPD) is the lifeblood of the organization and Salesforce has allowed CF pharma to be more strategic plus faster about what they bring to market and when. Before getting Prodigy to do the implementation, NPD was managed in Excel.  “Now there is proper staging in product development. You can see you have 50 NPDs and the value behind each one and where it is in the production cycle. We can assess what can be pushed through to the final stages quickly to drive revenue and keep the production lines strong.”

All of the above plus the ability to manage leads and operations better has resulted in positive effects on the sales teams in CF pharma. “Putting values against every opportunity has really focused the team and our conversations from gone being operational ‘to-dos’ to commercial conversations about pipeline and revenue. The team has reacted really positively and they feel they have clarity on everything with the data at hand.  

On Prodigy

“Donal as a founder went above and beyond. And his team is superb. It was Prodigy’s custom demo delivered by Emma in Prodigy that made me realize Salesforce was exactly what we needed. Without that demo, we would have gone with HubSpot. The team was amazing and Michael responded to our emails in minutes. We were never left hanging. I would highly recommend working with Prodigy.”  

Salesforce Pharma Implementation